Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pictures from Seattle

Still no Internet, but I managed to hack up a really slow connection somehow. At speeds this slow, I can't make a normal post without driving myself nuts. The router should be here by Monday though.

I thought I'd at least share pictures from Seattle though. Amazon seems like a really cool place, but things are moving a bit slow for me as I get setup.

What's really neat though is that my alias is on my badge. Check it out:

We get two monitors at work! I've never had a 2-monitor rig before! One of them runs Linux, the other is my Wintel laptop.

The location of the building is GREAT! Check out the view of Seattle from my workplace:

The location of my home is pretty good, as well. The pier for Elliott Bay is only a 5 minute walk from my place. Here's what sunset looks on the pier:

You can also see the Seattle Aquarium from that pier:

I had Tira Misu a few nights ago and it looked so nice that I felt I should take a picture of it:

The Target here is two stories large so it had an escalator for shopping carts. Isn't that wild?

Here's a night view of the building that I work in, PacMed:

And here's a beautiful night view of downtown Seattle from that area, as well:

I'm just missing one person who is very dear to my heart. Other than that, things have been alright. I got a pricey membership at a gym here (All Star Fitness), but it's the best facility I've worked out in so that should be an interesting experience.

I hope to be back to normal blogging here very soon!


JennYfer said...


Did you get a haircut? It's really short!

Seattle looks great from where you're at! And nice set up at work, I'm kind of jealous ;-)!

Vicki said...

wow, I bet you're going to have an awesome summer :)

[definitely take pictures, yours are always great!]