Monday, May 28, 2007

Made it to Seattle!

Alright, this blog will now be returning to its regularly scheduled programming. I just got into Seattle last night and it's even more gorgeous than I remembered because the sun decided to pop out today and the temperature is in the mid-70s. Still though, I feel homesick for Austin, especially for one person in particular. Alas, you can't have it all, and I look forward to starting work tomorrow morning. I wish I could share some pictures, but I do not have my camera cable on me and I'm on my cousin's computer right now (I'll be getting a laptop from Amazon tomorrow). I'll definitely be sharing a few tomorrow though, and hopefully I'll be able to get to the gym tomorrow. I feel like I should take a moment to talk about this semester though before this blog goes back to normal, because it has been quite an eventful semester. Two of my biggest prayers were answered, and I feel very grateful and blessed for both. First of all, after months of stress and worry about my summer, I managed to secure one of my top choices for an internship this summer at, and I've heard great things about this program as does my project sound really neat. The other thing is, of course, a girl. What's more important in life than God, your family, your career, your friends, and your love? I was willing to settle on some dates, but to have found someone as special and amazing as her was definitely a pleasant surprise. Spending the summer apart from her will be harsh, but I'm glad that at least she's in my life now and I feel whole for the first time in my life. It's quite amazing, and I'm very thankful for it. It's amazing how much can happen in just a few months, isn't it?

If this semester has made me realize one thing, it's how much can change in a very short amount of time. Like my room mate, who sustained an injury during a weekend at home and had to withdraw from school for the semester and is now trying to rehabilitate his leg and do summer school. My sudden changes were much more fortunate than his, but quite a lesson, all the same. While we should always have an eye for the long-term, it's important to focus on the present and not get too caught up in the future. Things can change in an instant, and we have to stay flexible.

I was hoping to get to some news items, but I think I have to go now. I'll be sure to have more tomorrow night, everyone!

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JennYfer said...


I'm so glad you got there okay! Call me and let me know how your first day went! Austin misses you too :-(!

Especially me. What will I do w/out you buddy? Hope all is well otherwise!