Thursday, February 01, 2007

I Met Limas Sweed!

So I was walking out of Accounting today and I saw a big Black dude walking out with a Texas backpack, which kind of caught my attention. I looked closer, and it had a tag that said "#4 Limas Sweed". I thought that was something maybe the Co-op was selling. It couldn't be him, right? But no, it freaking WAS HIM! So when he confirmed it I flipped out and blurted something like "ohmygodyou'refuckingawesomeIloveyouyou'reawesome!!". So he kind of laughs and says, "Have you met my homeboy, the QB, Colt McCoy?" And sure enough, standing right there is Colt McCoy. So I flip out again and say a much cornier line that I will not repeat here. For those of you who don't know, Colt is the Texas QB (Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year) and Sweed is not only a Texas Wide Receiver but probably one of the best in College Football. This is a guy who probably makes secondaries piss their pants and he shook my hand! He was really nice (Colt was a little quiet), and was comparing answers for the group assignment with me (don't worry, it was already turned in, no cheating!) and they let me take pictures with them! So nice of them to appease a little fanboy like myself. Here they are:

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If you guys actually somehow read this, I hope I didn't scare you guys! I'm just a guy who loves his Texas Football. Oh, and today was the Career Fair. I did alright at it, but I probably should've dressed up more. Oh well, we'll see what happens. Maybe there's hope for me getting a Google interview yet? I'm going to continue with the format of yesterday's post because I kind of liked that and have wasted a little too much time tonight.

Reliable sources are claiming that Microsoft intends to release a Zune-based phone this holiday season (surprise surprise). Does this mean it'll be touch screen? Probably not. I'm sure they're going to try to compete with the iPhone with a different interface, probably one more in line with how the Zune is now (it actually does have a decent UI, I've used it). It looks like they're considering connectivity with the Xbox 360 for transferring media and such, which would be awesome, but it doesn't sound like it'll include Windows Mobile. Not like anyone would care though. Good luck, Microsoft!

Having been involved with web development so much over the past several months, I was naturally drawn to this comparison of PHP, Java, and Ruby. What's sad is that it looks like PHP is only great for scaling, and I wonder why that is. I'm still starting to learn Ruby, but I guess being interpreted really hurts it. No surprise that PHP is dead last for maintainability though, because it's a challenge for me to make the NSC site easily maintainable, despite my best efforts. Anyway, it's short and a good read. If you're interested in Ruby on Rails, you can read more here.

There's hope for the iPhone name yet: Cisco and Apple have agreed to push back the deadline for Apple to respond to the iPhone lawsuit, which means that they're probably in talks again. Should be interesting to see how it ends up.

Quentin Tarantino has picked up an ACE Golden Eddie Filmmaker of the Year award, which I had to mention because I admire his work way too much. I feel that he's sometimes underappreciated, but that's probably just the fanboy in me.

The next 007 movie, Bond 22, does not have a director. Martin Campbell isn't interested in coming back, which is probably a huge blow to MGM after the acclaim his Bond movies have received. Filming is supposed to start next January, so they'd better hustle on a script and director.

Lastly, there's a trailer online for Knocked Up and it's slightly funnier than I thought. I'm still skeptical, but I do like Katherine Heigl and Paul Rudd. After all, Judd Apatow has given us some classics in the past.

Now for the 3x Thursday meme:

List 3 things in your life that need changing (from mode of transportation to places to live to work to anything else you can think of), tell us why, and describe how/if you're going to change it.
I need to stop cluttering, and I can change that by just focusing more on it. The reading has helped somewhat, but I need to work more at it. I need to do more outside projects so that it'll be easier for me to find a job. And I need to get out there and date more so that I don't feel like I'm just leaving a void open in my life.


JennYfer said...


How exciting! I probably would have clammed up and started communicating in hand gestures.

LOL, funny how celebrities can make us all shaken up. What would you do if you saw Kristen Bell walking down the street?

Pete Johnson said...

PHP vs Java vs Ruby

I was lucky enough to get in on the ground floor of writing web applications almost 10 years ago and the large company I work for has definite opinions on this language issue. Interpreted languages certainly have a reputation for having performance problems, but a lot of that stems from old school Perl that almost nobody uses any more. PHP and Ruby learned from Perls lessons and are adequate when it comes to speed.

PHP's main weakness is perceived to be security. There's just too much PHP hacking out there to base your marketing or online revenue stream on it.

I like Ruby a lot and what it promises, but the management types and the system admins fear it because it's different than the JVM they've become comfortable with. That part of it has come full circle, because the same people used to fear Java and now don't want to let go of it. Beyond Java is a good read that makes a pretty solid case for Ruby.

The happy medium is if you could run Ruby on the JVM the sys/admins love. That's what JRuby seeks to do. A lot of those guys got hired up by Sun a few months ago, so that's worth watching.

Some of the ASP.NET arguments made in the comments to that article you referenced are true, but keeping up with the patching levels on Windows adds to the cost of ownership of sites based on it, as cool and easy to use as it is.

If you've got any questions you'd like answered from the front lines, I'd be happy to answer them. I was in Austin in November for a conference. No Longhorn player sightings, though.


Pete Johnson said...

Hello again Elton,

I just posted a response to your comments back on my blog. Thanks for the kind words too, by the way. I really appreciate you taking the time. I saw my subscriptions stats bump up over the weekend and hope that one of them is you (tell a friend).

You might also enjoy my recent Running Diary of a trade show I attended in Austin. I didn't get to see much of the city (although, as I detail in the story, I'now an enemy of the local dog population) beyond the hotel, but I could see the UT football stadium from the main conference floor.