Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Compiling Vista's Flaws

For the record, I do not have Vista yet. In fact, I'd rather not talk about it yet, but there's absolutely nothing else going on. As you'll see in the rest of my post, it's just some little things. Anyway, here's the article I'm referring to, straight from PC World. I know, PC World really isn't the best magazine, but this is still a good article. At first, I thought they were just nit-picking. The more I read though the more I realized that this OS really does have some issues. I really do want to say that it's a great OS, and I truly believe that they've made some important leaps in this iteration of Windows, but when there are so many apparent problems, it's hard to not overlook them. I think there are probably lots of problems in OS X as well, but Apple seems more responsive to the ones that can be fixed (i.e. not things inherent to the OS). I started reading that article though, and I wasn't halfway through after a few minutes. I guess I'm just disappointed that they didn't put the effort they should've into enriching the user experience. My life goals in computing center around enhancing the user experience, and it disappoints me when a big company can't handle this over a period of 5 years. Anyway, I'm sure it's still a great OS, just not refined.

So I'm sure that everyone is going to think I'm a perv now but I could not resist: how hilarious is that mouse pad? It comes from this list of fun products involving breasts or alcohol. It's worth a look, just not at work.

Engadget has shots of the new line of Cybershot cameras, and besides looking as slick as ever they post such features as "face detection" and WiFi. I have never been a fan of the quality of the Sony cameras, but I think new features can really go a long way if they're easy to use and relevant. I don't see how music playback makes sense on a digital camera though, but I think WiFi could be awesome if executed properly.

Coding Horror has the best concise rundown of BitTorrent's functionality, pros, and cons that I've ever seen. If you're a total newbie to this whole field, you need to read it. Even if you're no stranger to it, his cons are still good to know.

Adobe has come out with their competitor to Aperture, called Lighthouse, for professional digital photography editing and Ars Technica has the review. It sounds like a good product, I just like reading their reviews.

While I don't think that Resident Evil: Extinction will be a very good movie, I still like the teaser trailer. I think it makes me more interested in the movie than I would be otherwise (despite loving the games). Plus, it's available in HD.

This stuff is just too funny for me to make up: guess what the title of Rambo 4 is? If you guessed John Rambo, then you'd be right. Hey, it's better than Live Free or Die Hard.

The Latina cop everyone loved on the Batman animated series, Renee Montoya, may end up being in The Dark Knight. Supposedly, auditions are being held for the role, though I presume it'll be more of a cameo appearance or else we would've heard more about her. But hey, maybe they want to try to bring her in as a more important character to help Batman. Without Harvey Bullock though, I wonder how they'll introduce her to the story (unless he's there also).

This is pretty small, but I didn't know that they're doing a third Mummy movie or that it revolves around the son, Alex, as a young adult. It's a pretty fun series of movies, I don't doubt that this one could turn out to be a good B+ movie (especially with Millar and Gough on board).

Now for an interesting TMI Tuesday:

1. be famous now & forgotten after you die or forgotten now & famous after you die, forever? & Why?
Probably the latter, mainly because I'd like to someday do something that's really impacting in the long term, not just a quick fix.
2. give blood or read Hamlet? & Why?
Probably give blood, because reading Hamlet benefits no one.
3. be extravagantly rich, but hated by others or be well loved and admired, but dirt poor? & Why?
Definitely the latter. Money is worthless without people to share it with. I want to make good money someday so that I can have more fun with friends/family and go on nice dates and stuff, not to buy more crap (except for cool clothes).
4. be imprisoned for the rest of your life or kill someone? & Why?
Wow. Umm....wow. I guess imprisoned for the rest of my life; I think killing someone would drive me to insanity faster.
5. fight Mike Tyson or talk like him? & Why?
Talk like him, mainly because I don't have a death wish (I still have much to do).

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