Sunday, June 18, 2006

Thoughts on the Next Tech Hub

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I hope that you all had a good weekend. Above here I decided to put up a picture of my cousin's little boy, and he's real cute, because I saw him last night. This weekend I met up with a UT friend, saw my cousin (and her family) after a long drive to Arlington (geeking out with her husband was awesome) and her brother, hit up the mall today with another co-op, and then played some basketball. Once again though, Monday has caught me off guard and I'm actually going to crash right after I finish this post. Not a whole lot happened this weekend in the news world, but I spent the most time reading this article about what cities eWeek considers to be booming enough to be a possible next home for tech companies. I don't agree with their list since they're missing companies in some cities and they totally rejected Austin even though I think it's a better contender than Dallas. Still, I think I want to live on the west coast; I just hope I can get a good enough salary to work over there. I think the fact of that matter is that programmers want to be somewhere fun where other intelligent people live also. This is not to say that people in other fields aren't smart or anything or like hanging out with doofuses, it just seems to be part of the job culture. When you work as hard as some of these guys do, you want to have something to look forward to when you leave the office. I don't think that would really happen in Dallas or even Charlotte, but I can totally see guys liking D.C. or Seattle, which I already feel is a big place for IT firms (or at least the surrounding areas are).

Amazon is extending its base of e-commerce to a new product: groceries. So far, they're going for foods that don't have to be refrigerated, and they're partnering with existing grocers to create a more efficient network than past failures, but they still have a long way to go before it's even close to catching on. I went to an Apple store today and had fun playing around with the new laptops, but if you're not so fortunate then you can see this video of the MacBook in action. It was definitely faster than I had expected for what's inside the box, and of course looked dead sexy. Oh, and if you're a Mac user who ever wondered what all OS X does on startup, then you should read this article. It's pretty short and briefly runs through what all happens. I mentioned the Flock beta last week, and now we have a review of it. I've been too busy to try it out myself, but if you're unsatisfied with your current browsing experience or just want to see what else is out there, I'd definitely go for it; it sounds like a pretty stable beta so far. If you're on IE though, you may be surprised by what you see here. Make sure that you put something on your clipboard before going there though. Lastly, if you're curious as to who uses DSL and who uses cable, then you may wanna read this. I wouldn't have brought it up if better news was out there though.

I'm quite impressed that Cars managed to hold onto the top spot this weekend despite the release of Nacho Libre (in 2nd place). Granted, it was only $31.2 million, but this is it's second weekend and so it dropped 50% of its audience. Plus, Nacho Libre is only a few million from making back its budget. I was also impressed that Tokyo Drift managed to come in third place with almost $25 million, and very pleased that the Garfield sequel only pulled in $7 million. It looks like Pan's Labyrinth is being pushed back a couple of months to the Christmas season, which makes absolutely no sense since it's not a festive movie at all and I just don't see why people would want to see it during the holiday season. Maybe there's something I'm missing here though. AICN has a review of A Scanner Darkly, and it doesn't sound too good. It's possible that he's totally off on it, but I've heard mediocre things elsewhere as well, I'm afraid. Lastly, AICN also has another positive review of Clerks 2, though it's probably hard to trust Internet geeks on this one since they're all going to be Kevin Smith fans.

And now, per tradition, Unconscious Mutterings:

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Voice :: Sound

  2. Us :: U2 (hey, I'm being honest)

  3. Passionately :: Kissing

  4. Humbly :: Serve

  5. Love songs :: Elvis Presley

  6. Dim :: Lights

  7. Calendar :: Girl

  8. Careless :: Life

  9. Block :: Brick

  10. Goal :: Soccer

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