Monday, June 05, 2006

Suggestions for Google

I really can't wait til I'm finished reading this damn programming manual at work. I guess my weekend was too fun and now I miss it, but if only I could start my project maybe the week would pass by faster. Just had to say that because it's all over my mind among other things I shouldn't mention publicly because of who could be reading, sorry. One blogger put up his suggestions for ten products Google "should" develop. Aside from it being a slow news day, I chose to focus on this article because I think we all dare to dream a bit, even if it isn't regarding our personal future. I think my favorite idea on there was Google Travel, which could search for all the flights from where you are to where you need to be, and then could send you SMS messages for things like baggage tracking and the boarding time and such. Another neat thing was Sing and Draw, which would create sheet music based on interpreting your humming. Those are obviously a little far-fetched, but I think the one where you scan a barcode and Google helps you find a better deal is totally feasible. I think it would search online retailers instead (i.e. be integrated with Froogle), but I'm sure that retailers would love to get advertising on something like that. Another one that could happen is Google Billboards, which could show ads based on information on your cell phone, but I'm sure it would be like 10 years before that would happen. What's funny about all these ideas is that as crazy as they all sound, Google probably would do them because they keep investing in totally random products.

What we are more sure of though is that Google may release a web-based spreadsheet application on Tuesday. Not sure if this was made (assuming it's real) in-house or through an acquisition, but I don't think it's all that direct a threat to Office 2007 because I imagine it would go way too slow if it had all the features that Excel has. If you're not sure what web browser to settle on, you can check out a pretty decent quantitative comparison here. It almost looks like Opera is best on Windows, but I still prefer the functionality available on Firefox. It looks like Sirius has not only caught up with XM in the satellite radio market, but it's even starting to surpass it, and it's in no small part thanks to Howard Stern. From what I've seen, Sirius seems to have better programming, but I'd probably subscribe to it for Stern myself if I was to get either service since I've heard that his show is much better than what you see late night on E. We previously thought that the PS3 would use an emulator for PS2, but now it appears that it may have a PS2 chipset inside the machine itself until they perfect the emulation process (which I'm skeptical of) to handle PS2 games. I'm surprised they're willing to spend the money on creating two chipsets for one console, especially with rumors that the RSX in the PS3 is still having issues. Lastly, PC World has their picks for the 100 best products of 2006 (I think it's a bit early for that) up with the Core Duo in the lead. They have a number of good products on there, but I don't like the rankings.

Click to enlargeThat's one of a few new pictures from Pirates of the Caribbean 2 that DVD Rama nabbed, and they actually look pretty good. No matter how you dress up Kiera, she's still smoking hot. There's very little other movie news today though. If you want to see some pictures from the MTV Movie Awards, you can check those out here. It won't air until Thursday though, so you didn't miss it yet (and you won't for the next two weeks if you get MTV). I didn't know that New Line was working on an adaptation of Hairspray, but apparently they are and they already have Amanda Bynes on board. Nothing special about that, but I just wonder when Hollywood is going to stop adapting old musicals. Lastly, if you want to see Bryan Singer's thoughts on information being leaked from high-profile movies (like, say, Superman Returns), he gave a few words to IGN.

Now for some Monday Madness:

1. I have broken _____ bones in my lifetime.
Only one: my radius in my left forearm. That was in the 7th grade though, so it's been a while.
2. I have had to get _____ stitches.
I'm going to guess 8, because I got a gash on my head once in India, and I bumped my head on a chair quite early on my life.
3. The worst I've ever injured myself was when _____.
I broke my radius. Thankfully, I haven't been injured much.
4. I've had to go to the Emergency room _____ times.
Two times, once for the bone and once for a crazy stomach virus while on vacation in San Antonio in like the 8th grade.
5. On a scale of 1 (being the highest) to 10 (being the lowest), my pain tolerance is a _____.
4. I can handle some pain, but not that much. Maybe even a 3, who knows.

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Trista said...

Just over here to read your MM. You are fortunate not to have too many injuries. Have a great week!