Monday, February 27, 2006

Tomorrow is a Big Day

It turns out that I got a B on my Diffy Q test, but the average was a 66% so I think that I'm sitting pretty. Plus, I think it might be higher since I believe the grader made an error. Anyway, tomorrow is the day for Apple's special event. What are my predictions? I can predict with 100% certainty that you will see new Intel-based Macs (likely a Mac Mini since they've held back shipments of that, but that could be a fake-out) and more Mac software ported to Universal binary (maybe Adobe sped up their porting?). With the iTunes music store on a healthy rise in sales, I think we may see movies added to the mix, which would obviously be started off with Disney movies. If this did happen, then we could see a new touchscreen iPod as early as their 30th anniversary, or I guess even tomorrow (though very unlikely). They may throw out some fun accessories though (even a boombox add-on) or even another limited edition iPod (like the U2 one). There was a big announcement they had to stifle for MacWorld due to supply issues, and I personally think it's an instant-on machine (i.e. boots up almost instantaneously to pressing the power button) but insiders assure us that it was something pretty damn cool. Oh, and note that I'm not reporting on that "leaked picture" of a 6G iPod because I think it's a fake (big ups to Robert for the URL). If I find a live feed of the Apple event tomorrow, I'll likely post it.

There's another reason why tomorrow is a big day though: Microsoft has called a surprise event together for tomorrow night, which I think is an almost blatant stab at competing with Apple's new announcements. So what do they have up their sleeves? Well they've already announced six versions of Vista (officially), so it can't be that. Just one quick comment on that: what pothead in Microsoft marketing thought up the name "Window Vista Ultimate Edition"? A video was leaked a few days ago on Digital Kitchen about a device called Origami, and subsequently taken down. It's back on YouTube now, so you'd better watch it before Microsoft finds it. In my opinion, this is the coolest thing they've come up with in a long while. A lot of digg users have been slamming it for being too big, costly (no price announced yet, mind you), and similar to a PDA. I love its possibilities for remote connectivity and on-the-fly ease of use, and I think the size is great. I would consider it as their answer to the Mac Mini and iPod in one, but we're sure to learn more about it tomorrow.

I have a few other tech things to talk about, mostly about games though so it should go quick. You'll recall that Google submitted its concerns to the Justice Department last week about the Government's request being an unwarranted violation of Google's users' privacy rights, but they were overruled because the information would have people's personal information removed before being handed over. It looks like they're facing an steep, uphill battle. Sony has finally admitted that they're likely to delay the launch of the PS3 in Japan to possibly even October because the Blu-ray format may not be finalized in time for their target release date, which would definitely be a big setback in shipping it without a way to, you know, read discs. They should've come out with this earlier rather than propagating a lie. RocketBoy put up a list of games (and their descriptions) that pushed their respective consoles to the systems' limits, and I agree with all the picks for the platforms I've used. It's a must-read for video game fanatics. Lastly, if you want a great way to waste time, try out something from Gamespot's list of the 101 best free games.

Click to enlargeIt should come as no surprise to you that I adore the Silent Hill series, and so naturally I'm inclined to post the winning poster from the contest that Sony was running, and it wasn't my pick but it's still cool. To balance the overload of tech news, there's not much going on in movies. Kevin Smith gave IGN some behind-the-scenes footage from Clerks II, and it's as fun as most of the special features you find on his DVDs so fans of View Askew stuff should check it out. Vince Vaughn has accepted the lead role in a movie called Fred Claus where he plays Santa's doppleganger of sorts. Lastly, Yahoo Movies has some alright clips from The Hills Have Eyes if you're interested.

I'm too engrossed in the Monday's a Bitch deadly sin series to stop now:


1. How long can you sit in front of the tv without wanting to kill yourself?
About two hours or so probably. I usually only sit in front of it that long at a time to watch a movie, and that's usually with other people anyway so I don't feel as guilty.

2. Describe your ultimate day of relaxation.
Being in a another place (like someplace outside of Texas) with cousins or friends just hanging out and trying out new things. Anywhere far away from my schoolwork would be really nice, and I love seeing new things.

3. Do you prefer your work environment to be fast paced and stimulating or comfortably routine?
Definitely fast-paces. It makes the day go a whole lot faster, and you have a greater feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. Plus, it lets your mind wander less.

4. Do you do laundry on a regular basis, or do you wait until you're turning socks inside out?
I never let it get that extreme, but I only do it every two weeks. So I'll use my towel at least 12 times before I wash it, but it's not that big of a deal.

5. Do you prefer to take the stairs or wait for the elevator?
I'll take the stairs for up to three flights of stairs before I decide to succumb to an elevator. Using stairs is good exercise anyhow.

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