Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Past and Future Generations (of games, that is)

All the news I'm going to talk about today were from yesterday since I was too busy last night to post, and you'll get today's news in tomorrow's weekend edition. Confused? Good. This morning was our Texas Revue audition, and I'd say that it went well though the judges were largely expressionless. I have a feeling that they aren't allowed to laugh, but we'll know the results in two weeks so cross your fingers. An article that really caught my eye today (i.e. yesterday) claims that the best video game console is the SNES. Though I still vote for the PS2 as the best console, he makes some really convincing points. It really was a revolutionary system with games that we'll never forget (and I saw some guys play through middle school in the late 90s). He's correct in stating that we don't have as many original games, as you see a lot of remakes and sequels now, but I disagree with games lacking plots and character development. Just look at Metal Gear Solid or any of a number of new RPGs or Half-Life, etc. I also disagree about systems having more media functionality being a bad thing. The next PSP will have a camera built-in, which would mean video chat and I'm sure other kinds of functionality with games as well (and the PS3). I think it just enriches the experience. What would SOCOM be without online play? Speaking of the PS3 though, one editorialist believes that the rumors of the delay will only really be played out in Japan, which will likely have its release of the console around the same time as ours (this fall). Connecting this back with the original article: it's sad that it really has become too competitive and is almost squeezing out small studios from making groundbreaking games. If the Xbox 360 didn't rush itself so much maybe we'd have better games for it now rather than this bottom shelf crap and lackluster ports. The PS3 may be subjected to this, all because of the money they'd lose with delays. I've already spent too long on this topic, but gamers should really read the first article I cited.

Do you remember the videos you used to watch in middle school with JFK or space flights and other historic footage? Well, Google is working with the National Archives to put as much of this stuff as they can on Google Video, which is almost suspiciously nice of them. While you'll there, you'll probably also noticed that they've better integrated categories in the Google Video UI, which is definitely a step forward for them. Windows Media Player 11 is just around the corner, and CNet put up a short video showing off all its new features, but I'm still not really thrilled with it. It just doesn't scream simplicity in the same way that iTunes does. It turns out that the Japanese are fans of the iPod as well, which won't last for long given that cell phones over there that play mp3s are already well into the mainstream and getting better and better. It's funny to compare our market to theirs because rivals like Sony still have plenty of legroom to vie for market share there, whereas they've lost a ton of ground here in America, which is where I'm sure Apple (being California based) will continue to focus. Lastly, if you want to see a really freaking big LCD TV, check this out. It's the largest in the world with the best picture quality possible, and I want to watch 24 on it so bad.

That's just one of a few new pictures has from Silent Hill, but they also had some from other movies, including Dead or Alive. That movie looks the exact opposite of Silent Hill: I'm estimating that it will be even worse than Mortal Kombat seeing as how it has even less of a story to go off of from the games. AICN was sent some new candid shots from the Casino Royale shoot, which I thought I'd mention for fans of Daniel Craig. I personally have no qualm with him being Bond, but I still hold it against MGM that they didn't let Tarantino direct (especially since he would've done it for less money). I'll admit that I would probably like to see Hugh Jackman as bond than Craig though. IGN has a rather lengthy interview with Kevin Smith that starts out talking about Doogal (for which he's doing a voice) and then expands into his older stuff as well as Passion of the Clerks. I think that eventually, he's going to have to stop making interconnected movies because it's going to become too much. Lastly, I'm sad to relay the news that Don Knotts died Friday night at the ripe age of 81. I don't know how anyone can ever forget him on The Andy Griffith Show or Three's Company. There was never a substitute suitable for him as the landlord in the latter.

I decided to do Friday's Feast since it's so much better than the Saturday memes:

Choose one: moving to another state, having triplets, or never being able to eat chocolate again.

Moving to another state. I like Texas, but I have no qualms with moving to California or New York or Washington or something.

Name a news story that truly shocked you.

Don Knotts's death. Granted, he is pretty old, but I grew up watching this guy!

What was your very first job?

I was a Teaching Assistant at a museum for this summer camp they had for kids (ages 6-12). I think it was a much better and more fulfilling first job than most high school jobs, though the pay was sadly only minimum wage.

Main Course
If you had the chance to read the diary of someone you're really close to, would you? Why or why not?

Probably not, because I'd probably let loose something that I shouldn't know. More importantly, for the same reasons I hate self-serving blogs: I should be able to talk to them about this stuff, not read it. And if they aren't ready to talk about it then I shouldn't be reading it.

What's something you're looking forward to?

Spring break! I miss seeing my brother and some of the comforts of home. The pressures of school have definitely gotten to me and it'll be nice to finally have a real break from it all.

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