Sunday, August 31, 2008

PAX Post Tomorrow

The Penny Arcade Expo was a ton of fun! You can check my Twitter for the live micro-blogging I did, but I will be going into more details in my post tomorrow. Until then, I thought I'd help kick off the Sunday Stealing meme since I haven't participated in a meme in a while.

1. My uncle once MCed my brother's wedding reception.

2. Never in my life have I tried marijuana.

3. When I was five my parents did things I can't remember because I was 5 =P

4. High school was long, hard, and painful.

5. I will never forget to take my credit card back when I pay with it (I keep my wallet open in my hand).

6. Once I met Alex Albrecht (see tomorrow's post) =D

7. There’s this boy I know who has an obsession with fans.

8. Once, at a bar, I saw a bride-to-be dance on the bar for a free shot.

9. By noon, I’m awake and probably eating lunch (if it's a weekday).

10. Last night I went to sleep way too late.

11. If only I had my girl here with me.

12. Next time I go to church I will stay awake during the homily because I will not have had Theraflu.

13. What worries me most is that I will never make friends in Seattle nearly as awesome as the friends I had at UT.

14. When I turn my head left I see my dining room.

15. When I turn my head right I see the blinds covering my balcony door and corner window.

16. You know I’m lying when I can't look you in the eye.

17. What I miss most about the Eighties is the terribly tacky music.

18. If I were a character in Shakespeare I’d be Hamlet? It's been like 4 years since I've read a Shakespearean play, give me a break here ;)

19. By this time next year I will have more vacation time! Wohoo!

20. A better name for me would be Victor. I really prefer Elton though, it's my friends who liked Victor.

21. I have a hard time understanding

22. If I ever go back to school, I’ll

23. You know I like you if I clutter a lot and look at you a lot.

24. If I ever won an award, the first person I would thank would be my parents, for helping me get to where I am today.

25. Take my advice, never take your blessings for granted.

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