Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 4: Leaving for Brussels

We're in Stuttgart, getting ready to leave for Brussels (Belgium) for a couple of days and then off to Cologne and somewhere else, so I thought I'd just make a post with the pictures I put up on Twitter real quick...

My first meal in Germany was Jagerschnitzel, which was schnitzel with some local kind of noodles in a mushroom cream sauce (very yummy).

It turns out that Sindelfingen (the part of Stuttgart my cousin lives in) is like the central hub for Mercedes-Benz's operations, so we went to the museum near downtown (on Wednesday) and it was pretty sweet (I didn't get a picture of the food, but it was excellent there as well: I had this local kind of stuffed ravioli, but obviously not called ravioli):

Yesterday, we took a day trip to Colmar (France) and on the way back just went through the Alsace wine country, driving through vineyards and quaint little towns. It was very gorgeous out there. It turns out that Colmar was home to the creator of the Statue of Liberty and Voltaire:

We also took a trip up the mountains to find a castle we never reached. Still, the view was nice:

That last one was just for my blog readers ;) It's almost 11:30 AM here so I better help get the car ready. We'll be back in Stuttgart on Wednesday, maybe I'll post more pictures then?

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