Thursday, October 25, 2007

Treasure Island is Horrible

I'd like to write an insightful post right now, but I promised my brother I'd do this first, so bear with me here. I promise to share pictures at the end.

So my birthday was last week, and several of my cousins, as well as my brother, came with me to go barhopping on Friday night. We were all having a good time when we ended our night at 413 E 6th St, Austin, TX, aka Treasure Island Pirate Bar. I had been there before and the bartender did tricks with the bottles so it seemed like an interesting place to come back to. It ended up being a bad choice though.

At 2:00 AM, it's standard that all bars on 6th Street stop serving alcohol. Usually, they give you a few minutes to pay your tab, drink some water, and take another bathroom break. Not so at Treasure Island. We were rudely shoved out the door. I mean they physically pushed us out. What were we doing? I was taking pictures with my cousins, very innocent smiles, and drinking water. We weren't being rowdy at all. It wasn't just us, it was everyone, to be fair. Still, they even pulled the glass out of water out of my brother's hands! Come on! We just spent money buying a couple of rounds of shots, why kick us out so quickly?!

When we get outside, we complain to the bouncer and he says, "Yeah, we are assholes. If you don't like it, go somewhere else." I am not exaggerating, those were his precise words. So I encourage you, my humble readers in Austin, to not support this bar. There are plenty of others on 6th that treat their customers with some respect.

As promised, here are some photos, I'll write more later: can chicken. This is from a few weeks ago.

Fred is so precious!

The guys from Friday night.

Happy birthday to us!

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[Mat] said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Sounds like fun, except for the bouncer...