Friday, August 03, 2007

Amazon Takes Over Your Den

I'm a bit tired tonight, so this will be a short one, but I wanted to put something up. Obviously, I'm fond of my bread and butter,, so I thought it was cool to see this article from about how Amazon is taking over the living room. I think it's still a bit premature, but I believe it, nonetheless. From talking to an undisclosed individual at Amazon, I think the same train of thought clicked in my head. Amazon would love to go past just your shopping stop from your study or bedroom and move into your living room. It makes sense: DRM-free music, Unbox, Tivo downloads, the rumors about Netflix, and let's not forget about IMDB, the place you turn to when you're sitting in your living room confused or forgetful. They've even already made the move into on-demand DVDs with those DVDs you can order with specific news events, and it's unfortunate that Your Media Library because that's just another example of them trying to catalogue what's in your living room to share and build on. I'll admit, Amazon isn't there yet. They still have a ways to go. However, their chances are pretty good. They really have some smart people running these teams, and trust me when I say that they have some top-notch managers and SDEs. I have no material information about any of what I've just talked about, it's just a result of what I've seen (like you guys) and what I've experienced in their working environment.

The Pirate Bay is looking to revive the long-dead, which was the de facto search engine for pirated torrents before they lost in court. The owners of the domain handed it over to The Pirate Bay, and they're looking forward to putting it back online very soon.

If you haven't seen the Dark Knight teaser then behold. It's awesome.

I have to say that this is pretty sad: a 19 year-old girl was arrested for recording 20 seconds of Transformers to show her little brother. I don't know what's more disturbing, the fact that it was only 20 seconds or the greed over a movie that's already made buttloads of money. It's not the studio, it's the movie theater, but this is still sick. The example they're setting is that they're dumbasses, not that they're strict.

I'm going to end here with some one liners: another great list of freeware applications lie here. I can personally vouch for the awesomeness of nearly all those video editing ones. If you have issues trying to track all your bills and you have room mates, you'll get a kick out of Billshare.

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